Education Program

Let’s educate children for a better future

Touching Soul Foundation has an education program to a structured set of activities, courses, or learning experiences designed to impart knowledge, skills, and competencies to individuals. These programs can be formal or informal and are typically organized by educational institutions, training centers, or organizations with the goal of facilitating learning and personal development.

Medical Program

A Little Help can Heal their Pains

Touching Soul Foundation has a medical program within a foundation typically refers to a structured initiative or set of activities focused on addressing healthcare needs, promoting wellness, and improving overall health outcomes. Such programs are often established by foundations that aim to contribute to the well-being of individuals and communities.

Food Program

Raise Fund for Clean &Healthy Food

The food program of a Touching Souls Foundation typically aims to address issues related to hunger, malnutrition, and food insecurity within a community or a specific target group. The program is designed to provide sustainable solutions and support the well-being of individuals in need. Here's a general description of a food program.

Community Program

Give African people a community of vision

The Touching Souls Foundation Community Outreach Program is committed to empowering and enhancing the well-being of the community we serve. Our mission is to address key challenges, foster positive change, and create sustainable solutions that promote inclusivity, education, health, and overall community development.

Evangelism Program

Let’s empower souls for eternity

Touching Souls Foundation has an evangelism program within a foundation typically as its pillar to a structured initiative aimed at spreading the foundation's mission, values, and impact to a broader audience. The term "evangelism" in this context is often used to convey a passionate and enthusiastic approach to advocating for the foundation's cause and garnering support.